// Working on Your Existing Website

Existing Website Work Needed?
Web Work

So many web developers today decline working on your existing website, and keep trying to push you to purchase a brand new website from them. At Splibit we wont do that unless it is in your best interest. Existing website work is something that we specialize in anyway and we are just as effective at it.
There are many advantages that might make existing web work in your company’s best interest anyway:

Large Multi Functioning Website That Simply Needs a Modern Look and Feel?

Trade Marked Website Graphics that Already Look The Way You Want Them, And You Simply Need A Function or Feature Added?

The Perfect Website That Simply Doesn’t Rank The Way You Need it To?

All of these are legitimate reasons and the chances are high that it is going to be in your best interest to simply perform some needed website work, rather than a new complete website.

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// Adding Website Features

Adding Features to my Existing Website

So what if adding website features is all I really want to get done? How can Splibit help me if that is the case?
Do you need a custom shopping care for your website? Or how about a calendar for booking on your website? Maybe you just need an events page that displays your facebook or twitter feeds? All of these things are right in Splibit’s wheelhouse and we are ready to help!
What if adding features to my existing website is more what I need help with ?
Features like tickers, banners, sliders, movies imbedded, down loadable PDFs, and more are all things that Splibit excels at.

// Adding Web Shopping Carts

Adding Website Shopping Carts
to Existing Websites

Adding web shopping carts is a popular feature that many ask us for help with. Because adding a website shopping cart deals with protecting sensitive data, it’s not something that you just want someone sitting in their grandmas basement to deal with .
Splibit is fully licensed and able to work with adding that new shopping cart to your existing site. We have the credit card processing features that your company needs, and the PCI compliance setup that is required to keep your customers data safe and secure.
As an added benefit, with adding a custom website shopping cart to your existing or new website, we can help tailor it to the look and feel you want, not just function that you need.