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Website Development

Welcome to Splibit Custom Website Design! We can handle all of your custom website work, shopping cart additions, booking calendar additions, and other technical website development needs. Just some of the specialty custom website work that Splibit focuses on are:

  • Custom Website Design powerful enough to tackle even the most complex tasks
  • Adding Shopping Carts to existing websites or other shopping cart related custom website work
  • Modernizing your company’s curb appeal with a web custom design to match the message you want your clients to focus on
  • Adding booking calendars that sync with your workflow needs
  • Creating responsive website designs that are usable from mobile devices
  • Many many more…
Web Hosting and Support
Web hosting is more important than you might realize. Are you held hostage by your current hosting company? At Splibit, we create a hosting experience as unique as your business, and grant you full access to your website.
Website Graphics and Functionality
Whether you import graphics from your existing website, upload your own graphics, or choose from one of our collections, your website will be personally tailored to your unique business. Functionality is our core objective.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO is work done on your website or web presence, in order to tell the search engines in very powerful and exact terms, what your website or web page is talking about. Custom SEO work keeps your content fresh and trending.
Website Design
One of our specialties is websites for new businesses. Through personalized website design, we help all our customers amplify their reach and increase their profits.
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Website Development • Website Company • Websites

Splibit Web Developers are changing the way websites are built and managed.  We pride ourselves on working with integrity, and bolstering the integrity of our clients’ business through the excellence of their websites.

In a world of “do-it-yourself” website building, a flood of illegitimate scam websites have inundated the marketplace, creating a precarious environment for genuine businesses to thrive and stand out.  Legitimate businesses can no longer rely upon a simple DIY website to do the trick. 

This is where Splibit Web Development comes in, as professional custom website developers, who help your business create a digital presence unlike any other.  Not only will your business be established as the credible organization it is, but your highly functioning website will drive traffic and visibility far above the competition.  

Splibit Web Developers
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Add Shopping Cart to Websites • Add Calendar Booking to Websites

Add Shopping Cart to Websites

One of the biggest trends affecting the market today is the need for adding shopping carts to websites. People have lost the desire to pick up a phone and call to purchase your goods or services, and many would rather simply purchase directly from you, receive the product, and never have to turn the music down.
Splibit Web Development is highly skilled in adding custom shopping carts to websites. Many web development companies restrict users to a generic “plug-in” premade shopping cart, but at Splibit, we listen to you and develop a custom cart that suits the needs of your business.  We can do it all!
Many of our clients with service oriented businesses need booking calendars on their websites.  Once again, Splibit will not relegate you to a pre-fab “plug-in” calendar, but will custom build your calendar to accommodate the needs of your specific business. 
Let Splibit take your company to a whole new level, turning your company website into your greatest asset!

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Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve.

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